I obtained a PhD in political and social sciences from the Université libre de Bruxelles in 2020 with a thesis of the Belarusian foreign policy towards the EU. Earlier I obtained my bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and my master’s degree in political science from the ULB.

Présentation des recherches

My current research focuses on different aspect of Western recognition of foreign opposition groups (on their alliance-building, violent resistance strategies, relationship with host/sponsor states, composition of structures). In 2022-23, I was part of the Bielexil project ‘Les exilés biélorusses en Europe centrale et orientale’ with Dr. Ronan Hervouet and Dr. Tatyana Shukan, carried by Cefres, Prague and financed by Institut Convergences Migrations, France.   

Domaines d'intérêt

Among my interests are Belarus, opposition and governments in exile, foreign policies of autocracies, non-state actors, diaspora politics, and sustainable development of Eastern Partnership countries.